There’s no doubt about it, if you go babysitting, and all goes well, you have time on your hands.

OH and I don’t watch much television. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I did actually watch television … oh, we do have a TV, and we do watch things on it, just not live broadcasts. We mainly use ours for playing DVDs1. So, I suppose, when I’m in someone else’s house, their television kind of bewilders me; first I have to get to grips with the remote, and then the programme guide, and then … well, maybe I’m just out of the habit, but often I simply don’t find anything I want to watch. OK, National Geographic is always good, and you can often find re-runs of various shows you’ve enjoyed, but on the whole, TV is pretty crap these days, as far as I can see.


So yesterday, when I found myself babysitting the twins 2, I caught up on email, Facebook, forums, etc on my computer, decided against reading my book, and got out my new camera and set about continuing to learn my way around it.


And when you’re in someone else’s house, and you don’t want to turn it upside-down setting up shots, you just wander around photographing whatever is handy.

These pictures here are probably fairly representative of most households with very young children in them.

The bath ducks were photographed on the corner of the bath (naturally) and once I had discovered that it was the best lit room in the house and that the white of the bath and the tiles made a great background, I took a couple of other things in there because I only had the little pop-up flash which is built into the camera, so I was a bit stuck for lighting.

The Olympus OMD E10 seems to be a great little camera. It has more options in the multitude of menus than I’ve had hot dinners 3, so it’s going to take me a while to learn it all, and customise it to the way I like it, but I think I’m going to enjoy it.


And if it can take pictures like these right out of the box, without any extra lighting, I’m really quite impressed! I needed something more serious than a point-and-shoot, and much as I’ve loved my little Panasonic Lumix TZ30, it has dust inside the lens once again and .. well, it does have its limitations. The Lumix bridge camera is great, but it’s bulky and again, does have its limitations. The Olympus is a compact system camera, which means I can change lenses, and use filters, and just stretch my photography muscles a little bit.

I took it out with me to lunch at our favourite Italian restaurant, today. No flash, because of not wanting to disturb the other diners, so I’m quite impressed with the results.


1 At the moment, an old series of House. Then we’ll be catching up with Downton Abbey, and after that we’re planning to settle in for another series of Montalbano.

2 On my own, because we’d both been out for four hours in the morning and Jeffie wasn’t happy and had been sick once already.

3 Yes, that was a pun.