Just for fun: Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge


Just because I happened to be looking at pictures of scooters when I read about it, I’m joining in with Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge this week. Bet you can’t guess what the prompt is?

You can?

Oh. You’re right of course. It’s Bikes and Motorcycles.

The photo at the top was taken in Washington DC. A row of public rental bikes waits for customers. It’s a subscription scheme, I believe, so you have to sign up and use your card each time you want to take a bike. Short journeys only, please!


These aren’t for hire. This is a normal street scene you can find in pretty much any Italian town anywhere. The roads are narrow and parking is at a premium, so scooters, motorbikes and bicycles are extremely popular. This was taken in Modena.

Next up is a rather lovely machine spotted in a car park somewhere – I can’t even remember where, now, but it struck me as worthy of a photo. I mean, well, it’s purple!!


And lastly, two scooters parked up neatly in a corner of a town in Italy. This time it’s Urbino, Le Marche. It’s a gorgeous place, but some of the streets are nearly vertical, so I admire the bravery of the riders!


And there you go. Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge can be found by following the highlighted link, if you’d like to take part, or even if you just want to go and take a look at some of the other entries.